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With over 30 years of company experience in Point of Sale and IT, and combined staff experience in Point of Sale, Internet and IT of 100 years, the software continues to reflect our expertise in the Point-of-Sale market in Southern Africa, in particular our specialist knowledge in the automotive fitment sector. Vital to the management and control of any successful business operation, are ease of use, stability, reliability, system controls, inventory management and on-line sales, marketing and management information, in

line with GAAP”

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A real Human attendant will answer the call and  log support ticket,  at the same time an email will be sent to you , with a Ticket number and  description.

Next  an Accpick engineer will call you at Accpick’s cost he will request a password generated by our specialized remote software and with your permission, they will fix the issue.

On completion of the job you will be sent an automated email closing the job, if you are not satisfied simply reply to the mail and reopen the job-

We would Love to hear from you !

Call +27 0339 400 900 or  0333 43 6000  or email

Accpick is the first original home grown Point of Sale software solution written and implemented in Southern Africa this took over 3 and a half decades or 35 years.  Accpick was designed originally by an accountant and who discovered a need in the market for software to replace the invoice paper based solution retailers were using and to automate and computerize the process according to GAAP principles. Accpick POS was designed to mimic the manual cash register for ease of use, most other well known POS are designed from the general ledger backwards and dont have the same simplicity and ease of operation as Accpick.  Over the 30 year period Accpick has been tried and tested in 1000’s of retail operations through out Africa some of our original customers are still using Accpick today

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Why Choose Accpick ? 

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Windows 10 ready Tablet  ready and back wards comparable with Linux .

(see screenshots below)

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The original Accpick is now windows 10 compatible

Time Freight still use Acccpick now for over 15 years 

Time Freight use 200 Workstations daily in branches throughout South Africa

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  • Bill of Materials
  • Shrink packs
  • Track by Sell Date, Bar code, Batch Control
  • Manufacturing Reports
  • Outstanding Packs to manufacture
  • Remote Orders
  • Profit

                                    Accpick puts you in full Control!

Our Friendly Team is here to Support you ! Accpick partner with you in your business.

Accpick goes beyond accounting with support from all aspects in your day to day business.


Give us a call on 0339 400 900 or  0333 43 6000

Submit your own ticket at ourSupport Web Portal



Retail Boutique Pet Store using Accpick point of Sale using 1 server with 3 tills with till drawers and barcode scanners

Accpick Screen’s  area EASY TO READ & USE

  • Full Accounting package with ERP Point Of Sale up to General Ledger
  • Accpick  -use open source servers  and our model of All 126 Modules included in one price.
  • 30% to 55% cheaper over 5 years  using 6 workstation – Save even more on Enterprise
  • 32 years proven in the business
  • 1000’s  of customers
  • Great personalized support
  • The sky’s the limit start with 1 user easy to migrate to 100’s no extra charges sq


Extremely Busy Store using Accpick point of Sale selling to Traders in Bulk, Thousands of Transaction and hours using 1 server over 30 tills with till drawers and barcode scanners

 Why Choose Accpick ? Click here 

Multi Companies by Branch and Group reporting

Accpick allows for unlimited Companies ie

format Owner /Company /Branch
John Smith (owner) Franchisor


Accpick have customers who run 11 branches around the country for 20 years with over- 55 workstations off a low cost server.-connecting remotely via the internet Accpick  has  no extra costs such as Engineers doing server maintenance – Accpick provides all this  support included in the service fee. Accpick provides Inter branch Stock control ,reporting, messages, and Group Reports with Free price and catalogue updates”

Accpick MODULES and Features COMPARED to other ERP service providers on the market and COMPETITORS ARE 1000% more expensive! to buy install and maintain.



Owner E -Tyre Shop

XYZ POS Company” “said Accpick was old and not relevant we changed to “XYZ POS Company” and were disappointed with the usability as it’s far too complicated You know we only sell tyres ! ,  so I went went back to Accpick  a product that is used by everyone                                                                                       in the industry.

Teller A  – Pet Store

XYZ POS Company” is very slow compared to Accpick ” it also freezes “

Teller B – Garden Centre

“Just because my boss changed software to XYB POS Company  “he does not have to use the new product on a daily basis ”  I find the screens confusing I would go back to Accpick any day.

Manager C  -Tyre Shop

” What “XYA POS Company” don’t tell you is how expensive the other licensed software cost to setup, plus the expensive engineer fees.”

Owner D – Tyre Shop

When we learnt Accpick it took most new Tellers 20 minutes to understand and they could train each other!

Duncan Wright


Many thanks for all the assistance on the two occasions where you have helped Silverton Radiators with our long outstanding Month End gremlin. Your input has been most valuable and we seem to be reaching a resolution on the problem finally.

Many thanks. Duncan Wright SILVERTON SERVICES

See Why you SAVE a massive 32% using Accpick  Compared to Similar products….Read more this is based on 5 years and 6 workstations


The new 64 bit version of Accpick looks and feels the same as the previous version, the difference is it now runs on any platform via the internet on a Cloud server Using Ubuntu16

A cloud server is a logical server that is built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the Internet. Cloud servers possess and exhibit similar capabilities and functionality to a typical server but are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider.

Cloud servers probably hold the best stability / cost ratio performance. They do not suffer from the usual server hardware problems and they have all Cloud computing, benefits, i.e. they are stable, fast and secure. On the other hand, cloud servers are economically more efficient than the standard dedicated servers.



Single or Multiple Stores

  • Single or Multiple StoresManage single or multiple stores.
  • From your office, home or laptop.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

  • Print cash sales to a docket printer.
  • Email quotes, invoices and statements

Stock Control

Improve Stock Control

  • Label and scan your stock.
  • Live stock take: Count and verify stocks while continuing to trade. No more costly after hours stock take.

Increase Margins

Increase Margins

  • GP Warnings
  • Sales to stock ratio analysis
  • Streamlined ordering facility

Job Costing

Job Costing

  • Serial number tracking
  • SMS Notification
Are you Starting a NEW company ?
Accpick template database comes pre configured with 1000’s of  Fitment related products saving you the work of capturing from scratch
Accpick has many other pre-configured databases with all sales and stock items with suppliers name for you to get up and running FAST  ie PET products, Tyre database with exhausts, shock absorbers, brakes.. etc, Nursery all the service type  data you see in the table below


Categories Examples Examples
BOOKSHOP Veterinary clinics Liquor Outlets
BUILDING/INDUSTRIAL Wholesalers Petrol stations
COMPUTER/STATIONERY Packaging Caravan and Camping
CONVENIENCE Cash and Carry Hospitality
GARDEN Hardware stores Paints
HOSPITALITY Oscars Lawn Mower centres
JEWELLERY Time Freight Bottle stores
LIQUOR Mica Manufacturing
OTHER FITMENT Auto Motive Tuck shops
PHARMACY Fish take aways Garden Centres
RETAIL Cycles Jewelers
SPECIALITY Tools Fresh produce

Accpick Box

Accpick is now windows 10 compatible and support most new printers

Accpick is proud of our association with the following clients:

Accpick run national  price updates as part of our service , making your work load less.



    • Bridgestone Uploads
    • Dunlop Rewards
  • HiQ Tyre-Surance 

Accpick in Africa

Accpick 1000's customers throughout Southern Africa, some customers run 15 branches using 200 point of sale till points, creating 100 of thousands of transactions equating Millions of Rands in Sales turnover
Accpick 1000’s customers throughout Southern Africa, some customers run 15 branches using 200 point of sale till points, creating 100 of thousands of transactions equating Millions of Rands in Sales turnover

Email :   Call Accpick on 0333436000 now

Accpick Software office and support centre technology developing a virtual machine for over 32 years we use Linux based point of sale system that can manage hundreds of terminals.

Accpick Office

Accpick In Action

Vital to the management and control of any successful business operation, are ease of use, stability, reliability, system controls, inventory management and on-line sales, marketing and management information, in line with GAAP requirements. The new management team are also introducing many new features to the software such as dashboards, all of which add a new dimension to business management.

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