The 2018 Accpick 32 x 64 bit beta is ready for download(Windows 10 compatible) with Business Intelligence and control panel

Click here to download Accpick 32x 64 bit

If you are a new customer we have a test database built in for you to try

and you can order a specialized databases

Please use the contact form for support or email 

0r call 0333 43 6000 or email 

NEW App Control Panel


A License is required you will need to call Accpick, we charge a subscription for our services and software see our terms – even if you are a subscriber (its free)
A database is required before Accpick will work so please call us first
To Install Accpick

After downloading the program, open explorer to the downloads folder

  1. Right click on folder name to unzip the folder 

2)Run the setup,exe

Files will be copied in a box as below please wait

When copying is complete the install will start

See the new shortcut to the desktop to start Accpick

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