Downloads Accpick

Accpick Downloads 

The 2018 Accpick 32 x 64 bit beta is ready for download (Windows 10 compatible)

Click here to download Accpick 32x 64 bit

If you are a new customer we have a test database built in for you to try

and you can order a specialized databases

Please use the contact form for support or email 

0r call 0333 43 6000 or email 

Instructions: to Install Accpick

After downloading the program, open explorer to the downloads folder

  1. Right click on folder name to unzip the folder 

2)Run the install.bat as below:


Files will be copied in a box as below please wait

When copying is complete the install will start


Copy the shortcut to the desktop Accpickx_2018.1_Launche.lnk  

Click to  run Accpickx_2018.1_Launcher.lnk