Retail and Wholesale Operations


Retail and Wholesale Operations


  • Cash Sales, Invoices, Returns
  • Receipt on Account
  • Document reprints from Current or Previous months’ transactions
  • Access to stock items by Stock Code/Bar Code /Description/Supplier code
  • Contracts or special pricing for selected customers
  • Credit Limit Warnings on Account Sales
  • View GP per line item or entire transaction
  • Cashier control per cashier
  • Hourly sales analysis per cashier
  • Transaction queries by date, delivery details
  • Quotations – at selected price levels for on-line faxing and emailing; invoice from quotation
  • Laybye Control, Job Card and Repair Control facilities
  • Cash Payout facility


  • Debtors Monthly Summary and Detailed Reports
  • Email/print current/historical statements
  • Credit limit and terms warnings, automatic blocking where required
  • Post-dated cheque control
  • Interest Charging
  • Batch Receipting
  • Individual Debtors GP Performance and Sales History Reports
  • Top Performing Debtors Report by Sales / Profitability
  • Sales performance reports for Sales Assistants, Departments and Sales areas
  • Selective transaction search

Stock Control

  • Stock details, stock take and stock valuation by Department / Supplier/ Code / Description / Contract/Bin #
  • Special Pricing Structure per stock item
  • Maximum discount facility per Supplier or Department or for selected stock items
  • Reports per stock item: Average & current costs, Gross margin, Selling price, MTD and YTD sales statistics
  • Shrink Wraps / Packs & Bundles Facility
  • Stock movement reports (Cardex) by stock item
  • Performance Reports - Top sellers & Slow movers
  • Tracking of Promotional Items
  • Reorder reports by Supplier based on 3/4/12 months purchases and sales statistics, average and recommended reorder quantities
  • GP by Department/Transaction/Supplier
  • Sales Trends by Department/Supplier/Code
  • Sales and purchase history by stock item


  • Apart from Stock Purchases, also looks after your general monthly expenses
  • Creditors Age Analysis and Summary Reports
  • Current and Historical Monthly Expense and Tax Analysis

Cash Book

  • Monthly Income, Expense and Tax Analysis
  • Integration to Debtors and Creditors
  • Bank Reconciliation


  • Vat Control Report for selected month or two month cycle

Optional Extras:

General Ledger Module

  • Month- End Integration Transfer from Accpick Xcellence generates a Trial Balance
  • Income Statement with Budgeting facilities for current period, year to date and monthly analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Option to export to Spreadsheet

Purchase Orders Module

  • Create and fax/email order to supplier
  • Receive stock via Purchase Order
  • Reports by Supplier/Delivery Date/Order Number/Selected Stock Codes
  • Option for Back Orders

Sales Orders Module

  • Create Sales Orders, edit and repeat order
  • Convert Sales Order to Invoice
  • Option to convert Sales Order to Quotation and invoice from quotation
  • Back Order Enquiry by Customer and Product
  • Reports by Customer/Date Ordered/Date Required/Salesperson/Stock Required
  • Despatch Advice

On-Line Inter-Branch Control (This is where all Branch data is resident on Central Server)

  • Inter-branch Stock transfer/Inter-branch Invoicing
  • Consolidation of Branch Sales and Stock for Group reporting

Enhanced Features:

Point of Sale Equipment

  • Scanners – fixed and hand held
  • Automatic Cash Drawers - open on completion of a cash sale
  • Slip Printers – increase printing speed for high volume cash transactions

Stock Control Equipment

  • Bar Code Labelling System
  • Cordless Hand Held Stock Take Device for stock take ‘on the fly’ – eliminates trading down time and manual stock counts

Internet Integration

  • Real-time online remote access
  • Online access to individual stores from Admin Centre / Home
  • Sending and receiving of data to and from other host networks