Owner E -Tyre Shop

XYZ POS Company” “said Accpick was old and not relevant we changed to “XYZ POS Company” and were disappointed with the usability as it’s far too complicated You know we only sell tyres ! ,  so I went went back to Accpick  a product that is used by everyone  in the industry.

Teller A  – Pet Store

XYZ POS Company” is very slow compared to Accpick ” it also freezes “

Teller B – Garden Centre

“Just because my boss changed software to XYB POS Company  “he does not have to use the new product on a daily basis ”  I find the screens confusing I would go back to Accpick any day.

Manager C  -Tyre Shop

” What “XYA POS Company” don’t tell you is how expensive the other licensed software cost to setup, plus the expensive engineer fees.”

Owner D – Tyre Shop

When we learnt Accpick it took most new Tellers 20 minutes to understand and they could train each other!

Duncan Wright


Many thanks for all the assistance on the two occasions where you have helped Silverton Radiators with our long outstanding Month End gremlin. Your input has been most valuable and we seem to be reaching a resolution on the problem finally.

Many thanks. Duncan Wright SILVERTON SERVICES

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